I’m a little late with this (surprise, surprise!) but I had a three year check done on my thyroglobulin.

That measures the presence of living thyroid cells in the body, and is, therefore, a cancer marker test for me. If living cells were found, I’d have to undergo more tests and procedures to be sure there was no cancer present, and to make another attempt at ablating any living cells.

The sad part of all this, is that I had to actually request this simple blood test. The doc wanted to run all those yearly tests, plus my T3, T4 and TSH (thyroid hormone levels) but the thyroglobulin? Never occurred to him…

Be proactive, folks. I preach it like a southern revival meeting. If you don’t take care of business, nobody else will. Don’t assume your doctor will. Most won’t.

Anyway… my results?

My thyroglobulin reads out at <0.2. That is to say, undetectable. This is great news. My thyroid cells that remained in my body after my thyroidectomy have all apparently died. 

All my other tests came out normal as well. Even my cholesterol levels, despite my extra weight. Yay and go team me!

I feel fairly healthy, but after three years, I suppose there are some things that are as good as they are ever going to get. 

I still have a huge bulge in my neck. Not sure why, but it isn’t getting smaller as I’d hoped it would over time. It messes with my looks, but not much I can do about it.

My teeth seem to have stopped crumbling into pieces, (yes, they were literally doing that) but I still need expensive dental work that still isn’t going to get done anytime soon. Rant about Obamacare all you want, my beef is that health insurance won’t AND NEVER HAS covered dental care needed to preserve or restore health, despite the fact that it’s damn near common knowledge that if your teeth and gums are ailing, your overall health suffers, even to the point of diabetes and heart trouble. Go ahead – google it, if you didn’t already know. If it affects your health, why isn’t necessary work covered like any other health issue?

I still have trouble swallowing sometimes. 

I still can’t eat anything too spicy or tangy – and by that, I mean I can’t even eat ketchup but sparingly. My taste buds around the edge of my tongue are damaged and they go crazy. I can’t handle it.

My voice is still froggy a lot. I can’t sing most of the time. It’s a pain, but when you consider that my surgeon warned me that my vocal cords might be damaged enough I could lose my voice entirely when she was done taking out glandzilla, I am fortunate.

I am real fortunate.

Now if I could just win the lottery.

I could at least get my damn mouth fixed…