Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. My next post was supposed to be about my radiation therapy.

I got a better idea. It’s my blog – sue me!

I was e-mailing with some friends earlier when this idea for a blog post popped into my head, all about The Garlic Effect.

Or – how being sick and having a finicky thyroid can make your body go straight to hell!

You know what The Garlic Effect is, right? We’ve all seen the e-mail…

Well, in case you haven’t got a clue what I’m talking about, let me illustrate for you:

Me, approximately two years ago (actual Julee ass)

Why do I have pictures of my own ass on my computer? Long story. Inside joke. I’ll briefly explain.

I posted on an internet messageboard with some other race fans, and every time I posted a new picture of myself, one guy kept saying “Turn around!” So one day, I finally did, and kept turning around every time I posted a picture.

Now that you understand, moving right along…

Me, now (NOT actual Julee ass – simulation only!)

BTW love what the person who had this pic on their website named it. Check the URL.

After spending weeks completely sedentary trying to dissolve massive blood clots in my leg without breaking them loose to travel up to my heart, lungs and/or brain, my body looks like crap.

Not only do I have garlic ass, my stomach is a candidate for a new tattoo – the Goodyear emblem comes to mind! (not actual Julee gut)

And as if that weren’t enough..

Glandzilla made my neck fetchingly attractive as well. Once I had surgery, I had a neck again – for about three days, till scar tissue formed. Then, after that subsided, it was time to screw up the looks of the whole works again with radiation treatment, swelling my neck up again. (not actual Julee neck)

Put it all together, and right now, I could be twins with this guy: (not actually Julee)

Will I get back in shape? Oh sure. I will. I have one more (unrelated to cancer) surgery to endure and recuperate from, then it’s nose to the grindstone – or ass on the rower, more specifically!

Who wants to be workout buddies?