The name of this new blog of mine says it all: “Flirting With Cancer”.

Flirting with cancer is precisely what I’ve been doing these past months, going on close to a year now, though I didn’t know it was cancer I was flirting with till my thyroid was removed this past May.

I want to tell my story, such as it is so far, and do it with my usual warped sense of humor.

I’ll be backtracking and posting things from the time I found out my thyroid needed to be removed, through the biopsy that showed no cancer cells, through the surgeon’s visit post-surgery when I found my thyroid was, indeed, cancerous, till I underwent radioactive iodine therapy, which was just a couple of weeks ago.

As I’ve said in my ‘about’ page (which no one ever really reads – or do they?) I want to document all this and make it totally searchable for others who may be just beginning their journey with this type – or any type – of cancer. I found googling and reading blogs to be immensely helpful.

I’m hopeful that my journey, save for the annual checkups to be sure I’m still doing well – is over, but I know it may not be. My prognosis is excellent – but I’ve read enough to know that I can’t take that as an absolute, set in stone reality, forever and ever amen. I’m confident – just not to the point that I’ll be devastated should the cancer return.

Whatever may come – it will be right here, for whoever wants it, needs it, or just has an interest.

The story begins tomorrow. Stay tuned!